Elevate Enquiries with Precision AI Lead Gen

Zapped harnesses precision AI for tailored cold email campaigns, elevating your B2B enquiries with streamlined lead generation.
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Automate your lead generation

Unlock the power of Zapped's advanced AI algorithms to supercharge and transform your B2B outreach strategy
“Zapped allows you to seamlessly scale your sales teams.”
Peter Watson
Strategy Director
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Here’s the proof

We’ve help create revenue worth
$ 10 m
Average ROI increase
8 x
The average pipeline
398 k
Staff size delivered
10 k

What the industry thinks

Discover the Zapped difference from those who've experienced it. Real results, real feedback. See how we're revolutionising B2B outreach.
“The white glove service really allowed us to launch campaigns with little marketing knowledge - once onboarded, the AI really worked its magic and generated us valuable Estate Agent leads.”
Tom Hansen
Managing Director
“Zapped's system presents a revolutionary approach, combining cutting-edge technology, comprehensive data analysis, and innovative marketing techniques to create a flow of leads.”
Sy Crampton
“We've been using Zapped for leads - we've won work we wouldn't have got otherwise. We've dropped our reliance on in-person events and forced networking groups and get a steady stream of new inbound leads.”
Steph Henderson
Account Director
“Zapped's new AI tool is very exciting, using pioneering tech combined with a tried-and-tested marketing method, it's bound to connect B2B marketers directly with new leads.”
Sean Spooner
Begin with ease

Zapped ensures a smooth entry into AI-driven B2B outreach

Experience AI-powered lead gen ease with Zapped. Say goodbye to tedious manual methods, embrace streamlined B2B outreach, and revolutionize your lead strategy effortlessly.
Begin with ease

Zapped ensures a smooth entry into AI-driven B2B email outreach

Experience AI-powered lead gen ease with Zapped. Say goodbye to tedious manual methods, embrace streamlined B2B outreach, and revolutionize your lead strategy effortlessly.
It's simple, but brilliant

How it works

AI Harnessing cutting-edge algorithms, Zapped identifies, purchases data and prepares outreach to your ideal clients.
EMAILS Zapped prepares your domains, inboxes, email copy, signatures and responses (all approved by you for full oversight).
LEADS Zapped sends interested, positive responses direct to your inbox only when the lead is ready to connect. Simply reply to the email thread!
Helping you reach decision makers

Who is Zapped for?

From startups to industry giants, Zapped's AI-driven approach is the game-changer for all seeking enhanced B2B connections and lead generation success!
Technology & Software
In the rapidly evolving world of technology, Zapped optimizes outreach to resonate with IT influencers. Our AI fine-tunes messaging to ensure software solutions and tech innovations captivate the right audience. Engage with decision-makers and elevate your B2B connections in this competitive sector.
Financial Services
Navigating the financial realm requires precision. Zapped crafts messages tailored to CFOs, investment pros, and key financial stakeholders. Our AI-driven emails align with the sector's meticulous standards, building trust and fostering rich B2B opportunities in the financial landscape.
Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
Healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors have unique nuances. Zapped's AI-driven approach engages administrators, practitioners, and pharma leaders, addressing specific challenges and needs. With tailored outreach, we bridge the gap, fostering meaningful B2B collaborations in healthcare.
Manufacturing & Industrial
Manufacturing and industry leaders seek value and efficiency. Zapped ensures your proposition stands out, emphasizing innovations and ROI. Our AI-driven outreach solidifies B2B relationships, connecting with factory managers, industry moguls, and key stakeholders in the manufacturing domain.
Real Estate & Construction
The real estate and construction sectors are bustling with opportunities. Zapped's tailored outreach engages property developers, brokers, and construction experts. Showcase property solutions and groundbreaking innovations, and establish pivotal B2B connections in this dynamic industry.
Education & Training
Reaching out to educational institutions requires finesse. Zapped emphasizes advancements, tech integrations, and curriculum enhancements, resonating with educators and administrators. Our AI-driven approach ensures your message is heard in the vast educational landscape.
Marketing & Advertising
The marketing world is vibrant and dynamic. Zapped crafts messages that cut through the noise, connecting with agencies, brand managers, and marketers. Our AI-driven approach ensures your tools and solutions stand out, fostering rich B2B connections in the marketing arena
Recruitment & Staffing
Recruitment is about finding the right fit. Zapped's tailored approach engages HR professionals and talent teams, understanding the intricacies of hiring. Showcase your tools and services, and become an indispensable partner in the recruitment journey.
And Many More
Whatever your sector, if B2B leads are your goal, Zapped is your solution. From niche industries to emerging markets, our AI-driven approach is versatile, adaptable, and primed to connect. Whether you're exploring new territories or solidifying your base, Zapped ensures your outreach resonates, driving results and expanding opportunities.